1990-91   Graduate School of Fine Art, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
                          Visiting Critic of Sculpture
1981-85   Columbia University, New York, NY
                          Adjunct Professor of Sculpture
1962-68   Pratt Institute, School of Architecture, Brooklyn, NY
                          Adjunct Professor of Sculpture
1951-62   North Carolina State College, School of  Design, Raleigh, NC
                          Associate Professor, Professor of Sculpture and Design (1958), Tenured (1960)
1949-51   Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, Colorado Springs, CO
                          Instructor of Sculpture and Design
1948        Bradley University, Peoria, IL
                          Instructor of Sculpture and Design



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With Kinetic Sculpture, Bradley University, Illinois - 1948

With Kinetic Sculpture, Bradley University, Illinois - 1948


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Who's Who in American Art


1945-48   Institute of Design, Chicago, IL, BS in Industrial Design
                Studied with Laszlo Moholy-Nagy and Alexander Archipenko
1945-46   Assistant to Archipenko at Institute of Design and at his Woodstock, NY   
                Summer School in 1946


Fine Arts Federation of New York: Honorary Vice President 1997 - present; President
     1993 - 1997;  Vice President 1992 - 1993;  Director 1987-1992
New York Artists Equity:  Consultant 1988 - present; President 1985-87;  Vice President
     1980-84;  Director 1977-80
Sculptors Guild: Director 1980-1985;  President 1976-1980;  Director 1967-76